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Color Management by Rich Adams of
Sign & Digital Graphics


When inkjet printing started to boom, with its wide range of printers, inks, and medias, the large-formate industry quickly realized its need to match color from input tooutput. This requires the file be managed all across the process. Rich Adams of Sign & Digital Graphics is one to the top experts in the field of color management as it related to large-formate printing. Sign & Digital Graphics has been kind enough to allow us to post select color management articles of his here for the benefit of large-formate print professionals everywhere.


Color Management Articles

Rich Adams

Rich Adams, Ph.D., is an passitant professor of Graphics Communications Management at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Previously he was a curriculum and solutions developer on color, photo, large-format, prepress and proffing systems for the Graphic Intelligency Agency (GIA). Prior to that Rich worked as a technical specialist with GretagMacbeth Global Service, and has held the Apple ColorSync research chair at the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF) in Pittsburgh.

Sign & Digital Graphics

Sign & Digital Graphics is a comprehensive monthly trade publicatoin covering the business of visual vommunications offering a broad range of in-depth reporting for sign and digital graphics professionals. Topics covered include commercial signage, wide-format commercial printing, electric signs and letters, architectural signage, electronic displays, vehicle wraps and graphics and much more..

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