Trade Show Graphics 

Print an entire trade show booth on a Mutoh printer. Print any type of booth advertising you can think of including hanging signs, back light materials, sample stands, floor graphics and much more!
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Hanging SignsHanging Signs
Hanging signs are a necessary part of trade show advertising, displaying your booth from a distance. Using the Mutoh ValueJet 1628TD-64” or 2628TD-103 textile printers, you can create a variety of hanging signs.







Booth GraphicsBooth Graphics
Cover your booth structure in fabric or printed vinyl using the ValueJet 1628TD-64” or 2628TD-103” textile printers or ValueJet 1638X-64” eco-solvent printers for large scale graphics. Backlight your textile prints or showoff the bold, rich colors of the 1638. Each printer comes with the i2 Intelligent Interweave print technique so banding won’t be an issue on your large booth prints!




Floor GraphicsCarpet Graphics
A quick way to advertise your company is by adding floor graphics to your carpet, directing customers to new products and showcased items. Use the ValueJet 1624-64” Eco-solvent printer to print these vinyl stickers and a ValueCut Plotters to contour cut and cut-through the vinyl, giving you exceptional tracking and precise graphics.











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