ValueJet 1617H - 64"

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A Flatbed Printer with Brilliant Results At A Price You Can Afford

The ValueJet 1617H is the most affordable hybrid printer on the market. It not only gives you the ability to print on rigid substrates, it also gives you the flexibility to print on roll media as well. Its dual function and multiple application design saves you valuable floor space and is ideal for printing packaging prototypes, trade show graphics, POP displays, indoor and outdoor signage, even vehicle wraps. The 1617H also comes with Mutoh's VSM app for remote printer management, a half inch print height, faster speeds and ability to print white ink makes the VJ1617H a smart choice for all of your printing applications.


The ValueJet 1617H reaches board printing speeds up to 300 sq ft an hour in production mode, but you also get a printer that you can use for both car wraps and rigid substrates with equal ease. Mutoh’s new ValueJet 1617H prints directly onto corrugated plastics, polystyrene, pvc, acrylic, polycarbonate, foam board, aluminum composite, banner material, vinyl, wall coverings and more. 

UV Alternative Bio-Based Ink Not only does MP Ink give you high performance on rigid substrates, it also prints beautifully on roll surfaces with an exceptionally wide color gamut.



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Air Filtration Unit

ValueJet 1617H - 64" Features

The best value in Hybrid printers. Prints both rigid and roll-to-roll media with equal ease at a cost that is surprisingly affordable.

Prints spectacular images in an environmentally friendly way using MP inks. The new MP Ink utilizes state-of-the-art resin chemistry and is about 60% BIO based with no heavy metals. MP is the only ink that prints to match the surface characteristics of the substrate.

Half Inch Print Height. Printing prototype packaging and mock up displays has never been easier. With the thick head height capability you can now design and print incredibly detailed images that are sure to impress clients big and small.


White Ink Capability. The ValueJet 1617H allows you to print using white ink which gives you even greater print capability by allowing you to use material like plexi, cardboard, glass and black foam board to provide even more opportunity for increased application potential and product offerings to your customers.

The ValueJet 1617H is the first printer in its class to include an optional spectrophotometer. Regular use of the SpectroVue VM-10 helps to ensure optimum color reproduction and reproducibility; it enhances image quality by utilizing the full color gamut of the printer; and, achieves a higher level of color consistency.

Print on specialty substrates. Print on substrates up to 15 mm thick, including corrugated plastics, polystyrene, PVC, acrylic, Polycarbonate, foam board, aluminum composite, banner, wall covering and more - you’re limited only by your imagination!

Blower heater system with air curtain for fast drying. Mutoh’s heater design offers a real advantage over models by accelerating the print’s time to dry.

One year limited on-site warranty provides peace of mind. Mutoh’s highly respected one-year on-site warranty backs up our precision engineering and meticulous production practices to give you a full-package that is a great value any way you look at it.

ValueJet 1617H - 64" Specifications

Print Method
Variable dot, Drop-On Demand Piezo Drive Method
Number of Nozzles
(180 nozzles x 8 lines) x 1 Head
Ink Options
950 ml
Ink Order
Print Mode
1440/1080/720/540/360 dpi: 6 Modes+
Head Height
Maximum Media Width
Maximum Print Width
63.6" Roll & Rigid
Max Media Roll Weight/Rigid

66 lbs / 33 lbs Rigid

Med Roll Diameter/Core
Diameter 6", 2" or 3"
Take-Up System
Optional Take-Up/Flatbed Table
Media-Drying System

Blower heater system


Weight (Shipping)
674 lbs
Optional SpectroVue VM-10
RIP software
Dimensions (Printer)
106" x 37" x 56" (roll) / 106" x 98" x 56" (rigid)
Dimensions (Shipping Info)
114" x 46" x 34"
Print Speed*
Up to 300 sq/ft/hr in Production Mode
Operating Temperature
68° F - 89.6° F
Operating Humidity Range
40% - 60%
Power Requirements
(2) 100-120 volts/Isolated/Dedicated 20 AMP Circuit
Limited Warranty
1 Year On-Site Warranty

ValueJet 1617H - 64" Applications

Point of Purchase Displays – When your customers need POP displays made of temporary or semi-permanent materials, the Mutoh 1617H is the perfect printer to generate high impact rigid display products.

Signage on Foamcore, Sintra, Coroplast, etc – Print using beautiful MP Ink on a wide variety of rigid substrates for any use you may have. Sign and displays are no problem and you have the added benefit of being able to solicit business from companies looking for green printing solutions as MP Ink is BIO based.

Print Both Rigid and Roll Media – Having the ability to print rigid media but being able to back up your roll printers with the 1617H is a huge plus as it not only prints incredibly on rigid media but it is an absolutely wonderful printer for roll media as well.

Eco-friendly with BIO based inks – MP Ink is 60% BIO based and contains no heavy metals or harmful VOCs making it ideal for shops dealing with green conscious customers.

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