Scratch & Dent Specials

Interested in a Mutoh refurbished Valuejet?
Check out the available Mutoh certified refurbished models below.

All refurb units are cleaned, flushed, and serviced by Mutoh service technicians at our Corporate Headquarters in Phoenix Arizona.

List of current refurb units, based on availability:

VJ 1628TD- 64″ Direct to textile printer

 VJ 426UF – 19″ Tabletop UV-LED Printer


  VJ 1324X – 54″ Ecosolvent Printer


 RJ 900X – 42″ Dyesublimation Printer


 VJ 626UF – 23″ Tabletop UV-LED Printer


 VJ 1624X – 64″ Ecosolvent Printer


 VJ 1938TX – 75″ Direct -to-Textile Printer


 VJ 1948WX – 75″ Dyesublimation Printer


 VJ 1638X – 64″ Ecosolvent Printer


 VJ 1638UH – 64″ Hybrid UV-LED Printer


 VJ 1628X – 64″ Ecosolvent Printer


 VJ 1624W – 64″ Dyesublimation Printer



   VJ 1638A – 60″ Ecosolvent Printer
  VJ1638W- 64″ Dyesblimation printer

 VJ 628X – 24″ Ecosolvent Printer


 VJ 628 – 24″ Ecosolvent Printer


  VJ 1617 – 64″ Hybrid UV-LED Printer


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