Limited Warranty Statement


Warranty Covers:

Warranty coverage applies to defects in materials and workmanship. All MUTOH printers come with a twelve (12) month on-site parts and labor limited manufacturer’s warranty except XPJ-1341SR-P and XPJ-1641SR-P, which come with a 2-year parts and labor warranty (1-year standard plus a 1-year extended warranty for a total of 2 years). If you experience problems during the warranty period, the dealer should be contacted to initiate the support process to troubleshoot the issue. If the dealer cannot resolve the issue via email, phone, or on-site visit then the dealer will set up service with on-site support. MUTOH offers a 24-hour repair response time for metropolitan areas and a 48-hour response time for rural areas that take longer to get to from the time of final diagnosis. MUTOH will send out the appropriate parts needed for the repair based on the dealer’s diagnosis of the issue.


Warranty Does Not Cover:


Service and Support

To obtain service/support for your MUTOH printer, please contact your MUTOH authorized dealer. Have your printer serial number available and be prepared to answer diagnostic questions your dealer may ask. Your dealer will resolve or guide you to the proper sources for Raster Image Processing (RIP), network, color management, or application-related issues. In the event of a printer hardware-related issue, your dealer will obtain a service authorization from MUTOH to initiate on-site service.

MUTOH will generally ship part(s) the next day to the customer site to coincide with technical service. MUTOH may send more parts than required to reduce the likelihood of additional downtime; receipt of service parts does not imply that replacement is necessary. All parts, used and unused, must be returned to MUTOH by the servicing dealer technician for credit.

On rare occasions, and at its sole discretion, MUTOH may decide to exchange a printer. In such cases, the original unit and its parts become the property of the dealer who sold it, and the new printer or parts fulfill the remaining warranty period for the original product. Parts may be new or reconditioned to MUTOH factory specifications. Additionally, if the dealer elects to exchange a printer, the replacement unit will consist of the printer only. Accessories, manuals, software, stand, cables, and promotional materials are not included. It is the customer’s responsibility to receive and install the new unit, as well as to prepare and package the original unit and alert the dealer that the printer is ready for pick-up. Units not ready for return within 5 business days will be invoiced for the current cost of the replacement printer as stated on the replacement PO.


Extended Warranty

Additional extended warranty is available for purchase, please contact your dealer for more information.


Out of Warranty Equipment

Out of warranty customers can purchase parts and services through the dealer where the unit was purchased through. If you do not have a dealer, then please fill out the online MUTOH form to connect with a MUTOH dealer.


Disclaimer of Warranties

The warranty and remedy contained herein are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. Unless stated in this document, all other representations or statements made by other people(s) or companies are null and void. Labor is not covered in Latin America.


REMEDIES: MUTOH is not liable for nonperformance or performance delays due to causes beyond MUTOH’s reasonable control. Unless provided in this written warranty, neither MUTOH nor its affiliates shall be liable for any loss (including profits), suffering, inconvenience, damage, or claims from third parties whether directly or indirectly involved.

*Limited Warranty Statement applies to MUTOH products purchased within North America, Central America, and South America from MUTOH America Inc.