MUTOH Releases New Powerful VerteLith™ RIP Software

MUTOH Releases New Powerful VerteLith™ RIP Software

PHOENIX Aug. 16, 2021– MUTOH America, a leader in wide-format inkjet printers, cutters and inks, is excited to announce the release of their new, genuine RIP software, VerteLith™. This revolutionary software optimizes the performance of MUTOH printers, is easy to use, and delivers exceptional workflow efficiency for customers.


VerteLith is bundled with FlexiDESIGNER MUTOH Edition 21 software and includes advanced functions such as MUTOH Clear Tone, an original half-tone technology which achieves beautiful image quality and smoothness. VerteLith also features two enhanced preview functions. The soft proof function simulates the color of the printed output on the screen and the RIP preview function displays the actual printing dots on the screen prior to output. These new functions allow users to enjoy a “what you see is what you get” RIP environment.


Current RIP software programs are focused primarily on roll-to-roll large format printers. VerteLith goes beyond that to include several tools which enhance the use of UV-LED flatbed printers. The jig layout tool prints raised varnish outlines to keep objects in place, eliminating the need for custom jigs. VerteLith features auto-layout and print multi-page PDF functions at the click of a button and supports auto-generation of white and varnish inks to create rich, textured prints without complicated steps. Additionally, auto-generation of Pantone© coated/uncoated spot colors is a standard, included feature of VerteLith.


VerteLith debuts August 16, 2021 for MUTOH printer models VJ-1638UH Mark II and VJ-1638UR Mark II and is included free of charge. This represents a $2,199.00 value. Other models will be supported by VerteLith later in the year.


MUTOH will maintain partnerships with other third-party RIP vendors to support current applications. By introducing VerteLith, MUTOH addresses the diverse needs and challenges of customers and their need to expand market capabilities.


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