Digitally printed signs are everywhere. You cannot go through a single day without seeing hundreds of printed images in your environment. With so many applications, increased demand and more opportunities for signage, it is important to work with a printer partner who understands this market.

Mutoh America Inc. has been manufacturing quality products for the sign industry for over 60 years. Our line of ValueJet printers provide the fastest production speeds with superior print quality and added features specifically designed for the sign market.

The ValueJet line also incorporates Mutoh’s patented Intelligent Interweaving Printing Technology (i²), standard on all models. i² allows for increased print speeds and virtually eliminates banding, creating exceptional image quality. Its increased accuracy and consistency of dot size and dot release during printing improves the image, in addition to increased dot gain control, allowing for more latitude in profile settings. By developing truly innovative technology that delivers real user benefit, Mutoh has been able to maintain our leadership position in the sign market.

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