Printing on specialty items like phone cases, pens, key chains and more has become increasingly popular among print shops. The ability to add this specialty items is an attractive option and is now something that is not only affordable but practical as well. MUTOH’s XpertJet 461UF and 661UF UV-LED printers makes customizing and printing on specialty items fast and easy. And because you can print on almost any surface up to 5.9″ thick including acrylic, wood, metal and even mirrors, it’s also an excellent solution for trophy shops that are looking to add digital printing to their portfolio to save time and money.

Not only are the XpertJet 461UF and 661UF UV-LED printers ideal for creating specialty items, they are particularly suited to produce ADA and Braille output. Unlike the competition, MUTOH’s durable UV-LED ink is 100% solid, meaning no HAPs or VOCs, which makes for a safer and more environmentally friendly work space.

MUTOH America, Inc. has been creating quality printers longer than any other printer manufacturer. MUTOH’s line of ValueJet and XpertJet printers provide the fastest production speeds with superior print quality and added features specifically designed for select markets. And its MUTOH’s Smart Print Technology that is engineered into the printer that brings true value to the customer. By manufacturing printers that provide the highest performance at an affordable price, and incorporating truly innovative technology that benefits the operator and the customer, MUTOH will continue to make inroads as a leader in the specialty printing market.

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