Tradeshow Graphics

Trade show graphics are an important part of any industry. Portraying your company in the right light in front of prospective customers, partners and peers is critical to the success of any trade show participant. That’s why it’s so important that the graphics for your booth not only look professional but provide the appeal necessary to attract customers. Mutoh’s line of ValueJet printers give users the flexibility to choose a machine that is best suited for your trade show graphics printing needs.

With Mutoh’s hybrid printers you are able to print both roll and rigid media on the same machine using either Mutoh’s UV-LED ink or the durable MP Ink to maximize your production floor space and your budget. The ValueJet 1617H is a 64 inch hybrid printer that offers Mutoh’s MP Ink, a UV alternative ink, which provides superior indoor and outdoor durability and a phenomenal color gamut. The ValueJet 1626UH is a UV/LED 64 inch hybrid printer that uses Mutoh’s UV-LED ink, which is 100% solid, meaning no VOCs or HAPs, which makes for a much more environmentally friendly work space. Both hybrids can print on rigid substrates up to one half inch thick and are priced under $50,000 MSRP.

Mutoh America, Inc. has been manufacturing quality printers longer than any other printer manufacturer. Mutoh’s line of ValueJet printers provide the fastest production speeds with superior print quality and added features specifically designed for select markets like the trade show graphics market. And its Mutoh’s Smart Print Technology that is engineered into the printer that brings true value to the customer. By manufacturing printers that provide the highest performance at an affordable price and incorporating truly innovative technology that benefits the operator and the customer, Mutoh will continue to be a leader in this market.

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