Wraps have become extremely popular over the past several years. You see them every day on the freeways, surface streets and back roads in every community. Fleet vehicles, delivery trucks, personal service providers, automobile dealerships, aftermarket customization and even individuals are all participating in this craze.

Wrap providers come in all shapes and sizes. From companies that focus mainly on designing and installing wraps to commercial printing shops, sign shops or graphic design companies that offer wraps as an additional service. Getting involved in this exciting application can be very rewarding. However, you want to make sure you work with a printer partner who understands this market.

Mutoh America, Inc. has been manufacturing quality printers for the wrap industry longer than any other printer manufacturer. Mutoh’s line of ValueJet printers provide the fastest production speeds with superior print quality and added features specifically designed for the wrap market. And its Mutoh’s smart print technology that is engineered into the printer that brings true value to the customer.

Smart technology like Intelligent Interweave print technique which lays ink down in a wave formation to eliminate banding. Consistent color is extremely important when you need to re-print panels for repeat customers or to replace a panel on a vehicle.

By manufacturing printers that provide the highest performance at an affordable price and incorporating truly innovative technology that benefits the operator and the customer, Mutoh continues to maintain a leadership position in the Wrap market.

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